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  • Bidet Shop Eco Bidet Seat S300



    Warranty & Care
    • The Eco Bidet S200 is a great bidet product and comes equipped with all the features you may need in a bidet plus more. There is no other bidet on the market which can match the Eco Bidet S300 when it comes to features vs price. Actually the S200 it is the cheapest and most affordable certified bidet on the Australian market

      It has most or even all the features you will find in a premium bidet at double or triple the price. 

      Standard features

      • rear wash and feminine wash
      • heated seat for those cold winter mornings
      • air bubble infusion into the water stream to achieve a better cleaning and conserve water consumption
      • energy efficient will learn the weekly usage patters to save energy


      Extra features

      • you can adjust the nozzle position to the spot where it suits you best no need to adjust yourself to reach the nozzle
      • child option , if selected the bidet will reduce the water pressure and nozzle position by half in order to adjust for a much gentler wash suitable for a child.
      • the bidet runs a self cleaning procedure before and after every user of the nozzle to maintain a higher hygiene standard.
      • water pulse and massage option for an enhanced bidet experience
      • quick release to detach the main body of the bidet in order to clean properly under and around it.


      The Eco Bidet S200 will fit a wide range of toilets please use the guide below to check if it is suitable for your toilet.

      Required measurements :

      Size 1 – Measure from front of cistern to front of bowl
      Size 2 – Measure inside the bowl, from front to back

      For the Eco Bidet S200 to fit on your toilet; Size 1 needs to be 480mm or more & Size 2 needs to be 320 mm or more

      NOTE: Close couple toilets or back to wall toilets may require top fixing bolts if there is no access to the bolts under the toilet or a internal fitting kit if there is no access to water supply behind the toilet.

      The Eco Bidet S200 it is a certified product compliant with Australian Standards Watermark & Electrical Certifications.

      Easy To install

      The bidet can be set up within 15 minutes, with no additional tools necessary.
      The instructions are clear on how to install the bidet and it should take no time at all to start using your new bidet.


      Everything required for a standard installation is in the box.
      *Standard installation is considered when you have access to the water behind the toilet and access to the toilet lid bolts from under the toilet. ( the bolts which hold the current toilet lid in place ). If the water supply is inside the tank or there is no access to the seat bolts an adaptor kit or top fixing bolts can be purchased or supplied.

      Although the manufacturer has designed this product for easy installation, in other countries most people do it themselves. In Australia, the plumbing code mandates that this product needs to be installed by a plumber and we do advise that you comply.
      Same rules apply to other household products like washing machine, fridges with water connection and any water filter or appliance connected to a water tap.

      Backflow Information.

      All of our products are fully watermarked to the Australian standard WMTS-051:2016.
      In order to be compliant with the AU watermark standards, we have supplied the bidet with the appropriate backflow attachment.

      Part of the watermark requirements all our products must be labelled accordingly.

      The AU standard AS3500 classifies the bidet as a high hazard device and requires the installation of a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer ( RPZ Valve). Currently, this conflict is being discussed with the ABCB who wrote both of these standards as well as many councils and state water boards.

    • Warranty

      Product Warranty

      Should any of our products not perform as they should and/or for product specific warranty periods please contact Kewco Products 08 8298 2555 or kewco@kewco.com.au. Please ensure you have proof of purchase receipts or invoices.

      View full The Bidet Shop: Warranty Here

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