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  • Bidet Shop InteliClean Air 9000



    Warranty & Care
    • Australia’s most advanced bidet system is finally here.

      This is the only fully approved bidet for installation with no additional backflow required. And, it is packed with features previously not available.

      The InteliClean Air 9000 Series has all the standard features, such as:

      • bottom wash
      • ladies wash
      • air dryer
      • enema spray
      • child function

      Advanced features of this bidet include:

      • a multi-position 5-step nozzle adjustment
      • a pulse and oscillate settings for cleaner wash

      InteliClean Air 9000 Series

      The InteliClean range of bidets are, as the name suggests, the most intelligent personal health care system designed exclusively for use in Australia.

      The cleansing and inbuilt personal hygiene features that come standard are not available in any other brand of bidet.

      • Its ultra modern design fits in with old and new bathroom designs.
      • Inbuilt virus and germ protection.
      • Instant warm wash and a warm air dry with just the push of a button are standard

      Additional features on this intelligent healthcare bidet include a warm seat for those cold mornings, a soft close lid and seat. The intelligent processor remembers your favourite setting providing the perfect clean each and every time.

      InteliClean can be retrofitted to the majority of toilet pans in just a few minutes. It can easily be removed with the push of a button for cleaning and can be taken with you when you move house.

      InteliClean is the only retrofit bidet approved to not need additional plumbing and expensive backflow requirements, at the time of print.

      You are never perfectly clean with toilet paper

      Water is the most natural cleaning agent that there is. Especially after going to the toilet.

      InteliClean Air Series 9000 is a pioneer in the development of bidet seats.

      For more details DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE

    • Warranty

      Product Warranty

      Should any of our products not perform as they should and/or for product specific warranty periods please contact Kewco Products 08 8298 2555 or kewco@kewco.com.au. Please ensure you have proof of purchase receipts or invoices.

      View full The Bidet Shop: Warranty Here

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